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Adele No.1 artist, but why are sales dropping?

Move over Foo Fighters, Winner of two Grammys, Adele is back for her fifth non consecutive week as No.1 on Billboard 200 and has sold 153,000 albums this week alone. 



Chart stormer!

The 22-year-old who beat the Beatles themselves has two top five singles and albums in the charts. An article in the Rolling Stone Magazine talks about her rare quality- staying power on the pop charts.

When the record business is facing a dearth of new stars, Adele is holding down the number one spot in 17 countries and has roughly sold 1.2 million copies of her album 21. Though a large number, album sales have slid and are continuing to slide according to Music Week.

A certified seven times platinum album that faces a decline in sales post holiday season. What does this mean for Adele? Is this as far as she can go?

‘Rolling in the deep- Adele’

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