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ADAM Audio A series – Built To Reveal – Tech

ADAM Audio has announced the all new and exciting A Series, the successor series of the multi-award-winning AX Series. The ADAM Audio A Series delivers highly accurate, transparent sound across a full line of monitors that can be controlled remotely and in real-time. The A series consists of some two-way speaker models and some three way speaker models. 

ADAM introduces A Series’ five models – A4V, A7V, A44H, A77H and A8H – which are suitable for professional and home studios. 

The compact but powerful A4V is best suited to smaller studio environments, while the A7V continues the success story of ADAM’s most famous monitor, the A7X.  With the other three new monitors, the A44H offers a low-profile alternative to the A7V while delivering similar performance characteristics. 

A77H, great successor to the A77X, the true three-way monitor is a loudspeaker which demonstrates the latest ADAM Audio’s technologies to deliver a rich, spacious and enveloping sound. The top model of the A Series, the A8H is also a three-way design with a different form factor that delivers the extremely accurate and analytical sound required for most challenging studio environments.

The latest Innovations such as rotatable HPS waveguide technology, DSP-based room correction enable users to tune speakers for their room and ears. 

The A Series introduces a rotatable HPS waveguide and X-ART tweeter. This means you can rotate the entire waveguide and tweeter module and continue to get benefit from the HPS technology whether you position the speaker horizontally or vertically. In the horizontal domain, the waveguide is designed to match the dispersion angle of the X-ART tweeter to the woofers and midrange drivers in the crossover region.

This results in a smoother, less distracting response when listening to the speakers off axis, supporting stability of the imaging and creating a larger usable “sweet spot”. In the vertical domain, the waveguide’s design reduces energy arriving on the surfaces of significant studio furniture, such as mixing consoles, desks or even the ceiling. These surfaces can potentially cause harmful reflections and ultimately comb-filtering.

One of the most promising and attractive feature of “A” series is automated room correction solution that runs directly on the DSP of A Series monitors. For people, who make music in such an environments where the space doubling up as a bedroom or living room and acoustic treatment is often not an option, using A Control, you can push advanced filters directly to an embedded platform onboard the monitors to help compensate for imperfect room acoustics and this platform supports filters from industry leaders Sonarworks.

Using Sonarworks SoundID Reference software and a measurement mic, you can create calibration curves specifically for your room and run them directly on your A Series monitors. This negates the need for an additional DAW plugin, simplifying workflows and ensuring that your studio monitors are always using a calibrated filter regardless of the audio source or type. It also means that you do not need to worry about your audio source, as the calibration is taking place directly on the monitor’s embedded platform.

An extended warranty of 5 years is standard across their entire product portfolio, allowing you to work without worrying about your gear.

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