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Aaditya Rakheja – Seher is a Relaxing Number: Score Indie Reviews

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Aaditya Rakheja is a singer/songwriter from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He is known for creating songs that are evocative and atmospheric. His songs layer visual, intimate Hindi lyrics with a dreamy, ambient pop soundscape. 

Aaditya Rakheja’s childhood was spent in Bhopal and that really helped shape his sensibilities. His connection with the city and its people is everlasting and he carries a bit of Bhopal wherever he goes. After finishing his schooling from Bhopal, Aaditya Rakheja went to the UK to get a degree in genetics from the University of Manchester. 

After gaining some invaluable experience (both as a person and a musician) in the UK, Aaditya Rakheja released his first two singles earlier this year. The singles “Kashmakash” and “Parchhayee” have garnered more than 100,000 streams on Spotify so far. Not one to bask in the glory of his own success, Aaditya Rakheja has continued to write new music and the result of that is his latest single “Seher”, and that’s the song we are reviewing here.

“Seher” is a track that is thematically centred around the blissful beauty of mornings. Coincidentally, the previous single “Parchhayee” was centred around evenings. However, Aaditya Rakheja isn’t writing a concept album based around the different times of the day and “Seher” is just a result of his fond memories of wonderful winter mornings. 

“Seher” starts with some beautiful guitar harmonics layered over some bluesy guitar and piano melodies. The intro does a great job of setting up the relaxed, unwinding mood of the song. Then Aaditya Rakheja’s rich and relaxing voice heralds the arrival of the first rays of the rising sun as he croons Sunahari subah…subah aayi. There is a laidback, relaxed vibe in the way Aaditya Rakheja enunciates his lyrics, infusing them with a good amount of emotion and feel.

While the track doesn’t have a catchy hook or melody that will get stuck in your head, it is extremely enjoyable in a “Sunday morning cup of coffee” sort of way. It’s smooth and indulgent, best enjoyed slowly. “Seher” talks about enjoying the magic of the little moments of love. If you don’t slow down to take those moments in, they will pass you by at the blink of an eye. Easy definitely does it over here.

Musically, the sliding guitar layers create a great atmosphere for Aaditya Rakheja’s vocals and the smooth jazz piano lines to flourish. The soft but steady drum beat with some beautiful work on the hi-hat cymbal does a great job of giving the song a solid and soulful rhythm. The piano solo just past the halfway point gives the song the embellishment it deserves. 

Mornings are usually the most beautiful part of the day and with “Seher”, Aaditya Rakheja has captured that beauty very well.

Verdict: Calming, soothing and relaxing, without being boring.

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