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7 Youtube Channels to Learn Music at Home

Most of us have come across that moment when we notice an instrument in a music store or watch an artist perform, and go home eager to learn it ourselves. Utilizing the largest consolidation of internet videos, we’ve narrowed down a bunch of YouTube channels to help you tone your tunes.

Marty Schwartz Guitar Jamz

Almost every single beginner guitar player has heard this man’s name. Marty’s videos are immensely popular and rightly so, considering how brilliantly simplistic yet wholesome his lessons are. From holding a bar chord to shredding the November Rain solo, you’ve got all you need and more with this channel.


Breaking past your average instrument lessons is pretty much what defines this channel. From music and dance lessons and theory to the science of sound, DIY instruments and gadget reviews, you can’t possibly have enough.

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for practically everything, you’re looking for Howcast.


Drumeo is to drum lessons, as Neil Peart is to prog.

It’s not just the largest and most comprehensive drum education channel but also the most innovative and versatile of its kind, from guest artist lessons and live play-alongs to technique and hardware tips and tricks. If you can’t tap your feet in time, this channel is for you.

Scott’s Bass Lessons

Most people assume bass to be a difficult and time-consuming instrument to learn. The others assume it to be like guitar and just wing it. This channel is where all of that changes. Scott’s lessons are by far some of the most knowledgeable videos on YouTube, with concepts and techniques that help day-to-day practice and also a fantastic new outlook towards a critically important instrument.

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Although it might seem unconventional to sing to your computer screen, online lessons for vocals are immensely helpful to develop a strong and mastered voice. Ken’s lessons focus on key ideas and approaches towards singing styles, as well as methods to practice.

His channel also features covers of a variety of different bands that showcase a plethora of styles and ideas. You know you’re doing something right when you feature on Jimmy Fallon’s show.


Piano lessons are usually scattered all across YouTube with very few having a direct relationship with music theory. One such channel that brings it all together is Lypur. Andrew, a pianist, puts across some amazing tutorials and covers of famous compositions in an effort to bring together musicians looking for guidance.

Creative Guitar Studio

Most guitar players tend to phase out after learning their basics, most probably due to lack of access to advanced concepts or lessons that explain them. Here’s where this highly underrated yet extraordinary channel comes into play. Andrew Wasson’s talent for making the most challenging techniques seem completely doable is only overshadowed by the vastness and practicality of his videos. From modes and jazz triads to soloing in odd time, every advanced guitarist should subscribe to this.


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