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7 of the coolest music apps to download

Smartphones have helped us in staying connected with many of our hobbies and interests in a snap. If being glued to music and everything related to it is one of your favorite past times, then you have reached the right place. Following are some of the most suave music apps which you should consider on downloading:

  1. Shazam

A one-of-a-kind app which is popular worldwide. The app lets its users identify music, with just one tap. If often happens that we come across songs which we haven’t heard before, to know the song you can simply search it on Shazam and the app will show search the song and show you the result in just a few seconds. On this app, you can also watch music videos, read lyrics along with the playing music and do much more.

  1. Gaana

An Indian origin app which completely took over the hearts of the Indian music lovers. It was one of the first music streaming apps available in India. The app offers a collection of over 30 million songs in various languages. Gaana has an in-built voice assistant to whom you can command to play any song as per your liking. Moreover, this assistant can also help you in identifying a song playing nearby you. There is also an option for subscription which allows you premium privileges in the app.

  1. Saavn

Another Indian origin music app which is quite popular among music lovers. This app offers a wide collection of songs from across the world. You can listen to international songs as well as regional and Bollywood songs. Among other features which are offered by the app, playing online radios is one a supremely efficient one. The app also has a category named “Saavn Originals” where one can find several interesting podcasts to listen to. Many more services are available for you to enjoy after you subscribe to them.

  1. Mixcloud

This unique app allows its users to know what their contacts are listening to. The app introduces you to artists, albums and also lets you choose from ambient, deep house, beats, and much more. Mixcloud is undoubtedly the best platform to build a DJ’s profile. Here, you can also explore fellow DJ’s and clubbers and stay up to date with their latest mixes. Furthermore, you can listen to more than 15 million radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts made by professional creates. On top of this, you can stream audio shows for free anytime, anywhere.

  1. Sound Cloud

A German-based music streaming app which contains the largest collection of international music. The app is extensively popular for its massive library of songs that is created by independent artists from across the globe. Here, you can also upload your music for free and get discovered by people worldwide.

  1. Spotify

Spotify is world’s most popular music streaming app which recently made its debut in India. The app is a great platform for exploring new music and listen to your favorite songs. According to your music preference, Spotify sends you recommendations for similar songs and curates playlists for you accordingly. Many more features are available once you become its subscriber.

  1. YouTube Music

YouTube recently released its YouTube Music app, which is a perfect amalgamation of good music collection and visuals. Here, you can listen to specially curated playlists for you and explore songs of any language or origin. The app allows you to download official music videos and also provides a platform for you to upload your own videos and songs. Unlike the YouTube app, where you cannot play music videos in the background, YouTube Music allows you to play official music videos in background, ad-free. Isn’t that cool!

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