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6th Edition of IndiEarth XChange: 24th to 26th November!

Date: 24th-26th November 

Venue: The Park, Chennai.

An event for independent music, film and media, and provides a professional platform where world industry representatives, venue owners, media labels, musicians and independent filmmakers can connect. It will also feature three days of vibrant musical performances and film screenings, workshop sessions and panel discussions.

Music Headliners

1. British/ Indian ragga/dub artist Apache Indian

2. Canadian DJ Dubmatix

3. Australian DJ/producer Mr. Bill

4. French jazz act Steak

5. Maya Kamaty

6. Saodaj

7.  Violinist Jyotsna Srikanth

8. International acts like Songjang Bul Le (Burying Beetle)

9. Indian line up includes Prabh Deep,  The Mandolin Sisters, Blushing Satellite, Black Letters, Small Talk, Staccato and the Bjorn Surao Band from Chennai, electronica artist Oceantied, and Gubbi known for his Kannada hip-hop style from Bengaluru.

XChange’s Workshop Program this year – an initiative under the EarthSync Academy – offers master classes and discussions with global industry professionals, and includes several engaging sessions – including a workshop with renowned producer Mr Bill known worldwide for his Ableton tutorials; a Documentary Film Master Class with filmmaker Harold Monfils; Voice Workshop: Vocal Tips, Tricks & Techniques with Australian musician/educator Kristina Kelman; Ideas & Tools For Bands Using Ableton Live with Israeli producer Yoav Rosenthal; Pre Production Songwriting: Writing Songs For The Studio with Australian producer/musician Dan Pratt; Home Studio Setups on Shoestring Budgets with DJ/producer Shiv Gupta (The Green Room), and Native Instruments: Komplete Kontrol Interactive Demo with musician/producer Vivin Kuruvilla – to name a few.

To buy tickets / register as a Delegate / register for a workshop, visit:



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