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5 Feel-good Songs That Will Make You Feel Good.



We composed a list of those songs you listen to when you have an endless sunny day stretching ahead of you with no laundry to do. Here’s our list of songs that make you euphoric.

1: Mika – We are Golden

The song starts with the lines, “Teenage dreams in a teenage circus.” Tell me you don’t want to listen to this song. As you read on, rest assured. This song sounds nothing like Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage dreams’. Mika is rumoured to be very happy, in orientation-if you know what I mean. Let me tell you, that this song is not that kind of happy. It’s the nice kind of gay-feeling inducement. If you’ve heard this song on the radio some time ago, felt good, and never watched the video, do not miss out. You might watch it and find it an uncannily accurate description of your daily activities. Or not. This video will do one of two things:

-Make you feel part of a bigger world where even Mika prances about his bedroom doing things that you would not want to be seen doing, in naught but his underwear. Just like you.

-Make you feel extremely satisfied with yourself because you would never wear glittery shoes and boxers and admire your nonexistent abs in the mirror.

Either way, it’s a win-win. Mika spreads his happiness.

[youtube_video id=hEhutIEUq8k]

2: Paolo Nutini –New shoes

Have you started your day bitterly because of the trilling alarm clock that wakes you up from your peaceful slumber? Well this song is for you. Start your day with this song, put on some new shoes and you’ll believe your day will be alright. Even if you’re going to work where you have two bosses who hate each other, one of which is mooing all the time and the other who sporadically decides to get himself a mobster styled head shave. If you have this song in your head all day, and a Bata store close by, nothing can dampen your spirits. Paolo sings about and the song emanates this incredible positivity. This song could cure hangover headaches and even make the statue of liberty smile.

[youtube_video id=hmbUNF1Q4R8]

3: Harry Nilsson –  Coconut

Together, Better. Take, Ache. This is the dominating rhyme scheme of the song. As in, Harry Nilsson keeps repeating the same lines for a good 30 seconds or so. Yes, it’s still a brilliant song. The success of this song is in the modulation that Nilsson uses to repeat these lines. It makes you feel good, because you could sing along too. Especially that ending bit where he’s shrieking like a girl. It’s okay if you can’t hit those notes. Judge Nilsson only by this song, and you feel like an equally good singer.

[youtube_video id=Tbgv8PkO9eo]

4: Jason Mraz – Geek in the pink


It’s laundry day! Listen to this song while you’re doing any mundane chore and sing along. If you’re wearing suspenders and chest high pants while everyone points and laughs, sing them this song and they’ll take it all back. If there’s a hard-to-get girl you’ve been chasing, sing this and they’d chase you. It’s one of those merry raps that you would never want to forget if you learnt. Also, there is a very valuable lesson learnt from Mraz’s video. Men can carry off pink. Just make sure your about the same body dimensions of Mraz and you would never be mistaken to be someone with the same orientation as Mika.

[youtube_video id=SdryssUmlpE]

5: Jack Johnson – Upside Down

 From the intro with the jungle like drum beats (OST. Curios George-no wonder), and the lyrics which sing to make you feel like it’s okay to disapprove of the world, this song will make you feel so elated you’d never be tempted by cannabinoids. (Not that we ever are). This song makes you feel like a child. If you’ve watched Curious George, you’d probably like to feel like a monkey too. But we’ll reserve that title for bosses that moo. Feel like a monkey, feel like a child. Play this song and say no to drugs.

[youtube_video id=dqUdI4AIDF0]

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