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10 things that make music go viral – Score Short Reads

10 things that make music go viral – Score Short Reads

Music going viral is not a new phenomenon. There are numerous instances we have seen some tune go viral right from ad jingles like Washing powder Nirma to Jaan meri jaaneman bachpan ka pyaar.

Let’s deep dive into what makes music go viral.

1. Uniqueness: Unique is the new cool. Monotony is something that stops intriguing most people. That’s why music that’s unique almost instantly attracts attention and goes viral. For instance, the recent song…Manhaari became an instant trend on Instagram reels.

2. Tune: Some tunes are timeless. They are etched in the memory and stay there forever. The tune gets stuck in the head and we keep humming it. Something like Hookah bar or Mann mast magan have tunes that make you tick.

3. Relatability: Music that relates is music that resonates. People instantly get glued to the relatable music compositions and make it a sensation. Amit Trivedi’s song London Thumakda from Queen was so relatable that it topped the charts and people still groove on it. 

4. Current trends: Music also has the ability to follow trends-jacking. Something like Dhinchak Pooja’s Selfie maine leli aaj was based on the increasingly popular trend of taking selfies.

5. Visual portrayal: Some songs are set under such a beautiful backdrop that their visual portrayals make them attractive. Ghoomar from Padmavat is one such larger-than-life visual portrayal.

6. Connection: Most songs leave a deep impact on the mind. They are based on a story that connects with the people. For instance, Channa mereya from Ae dil hai mushkil is a soulful melody that touches the soul.

7. Offbeat approach: Badshah and Honey Singh’s songs have an offbeat approach. Right from Blue hai paani paani to Haaye garmi they make people go crazy with their beats and peppiness.

8. Novelty: Anything new just hooks people to the song. Something like the ‘Breakup song’ was an instant rage. It was a totally new happy take on the otherwise sad notion of a breakup.

9. Rhyme: People have a sweet fixation with rhymes. Songs with a rhyme tend to make it to the list of viral songs. For instance, most old songs had a wonderful rhyme scheme like ‘Mera naam Chinchinchoo, raat chandni main aur tu’ was a rage. 

10. Lyrics: Words lend the soul to a song. Lyrics play a very important role in making a song go viral. For instance, strong lyrics like Teri mitti mein mil jaawaan from Kesari is soul-stirring.

Virality depends on a lot of things. What makes one song viral may or may not work for another song. The best tip is to understand the pulse of your audience. Then create something that just flows freely and helping people get immersed in the musical experience. That’s the secret of creating a sensation.

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