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10 Things a Pianist must consider while composing music – Score Short Reads

Piano makes for a soulful instrument indeed, just like most other instruments that evoke emotions of calmness and poise. We wonder what makes one a unique pianist? The answer is simple it’s the process and the approach that they take.


The process of composing music for a pianist is as unique as their thought process and their inspiration. But to delve deeper into the interesting process we will list down ten things a pianist must consider while composing music. 

  1. Your melody and tune: You need to figure if the melody is going to be complex or simple in terms of rhythm. That’s the first step towards building what’s in your mind. 
  2. The soul of the tune: The soul of your tune is basically the instrument at work. There can be another instrument along with the piano to complement the rhythm.
  3. The length of the composition: You have to keep in mind the duration of the composition for it to have the right impact and feel. The length is crucial to the composition. 
  4. The structure of the song: There are different parts to the melody; it starts with an introduction or it starts directly and there are tempo changes as well that make up the structure of the song  
  5. Harmony of the tune: The harmony of the tune differs from pianist to pianist. It depends on how one forms a chord structure for a tune.  
  6. The feel: The most important aspect is to make peace with what you make. There needs to be stability in thought and approach to deliver something amazing.  
  7. Find an inspiration: You must listen to a lot of compositions to find your inspiration. It could be classical, jazz, metal or folk music. 
  8. Understand the Why of compositions: You should be able to copy someone to compose. That helps you understand mindset of the composer..  why did he use a particular note and chord for example. You need to be critical not about the cosmos but the process and reason out your composition. It’s a Multiverse in itself. 
  9. Find your sound: The process of music composition is endless so the most important part is to find your sound and stop at the very point you feel one with it. Find your individuality and make the song your own. For example even a Happy Birthday tune can be rendered in a totally unique way which makes it personal to you.  Start from the basics and go into something new while you explore the realms of music. That’s your sound
  10. Your attitude: Don’t care what people think. Your composition should make you happy. It’s your sound and you must embrace it. Ask yourself am I doing enough and that’s when you have to stop.  

The process of music composition is an emotion-led one rather than a technical one. The more passionate you are, the better your outcome will be. In the end it’s about finding your happiness in the chords and creating the sound that expresses who you are.

That’s what Niranjan Joshi, a pianist since more than a decade believes in. He feels it’s all about being one with yourself as you immerse in the music you create. He feels it’s all about growing and evolving with your music and experimenting with your sound that stirs up the Placido Effect, which also happens to be the name of his album.

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