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You’ve been Rick Roll’d!

Rick Astley is never going to f*****g give up. EVER. Today we tell you about one of the biggest internet memes.

Before anything, let’s carefully analyse this obnoxiously enormous hit that ‘Never going to give you up’ has become. 

Now, when Rick Astley, with his carefully styled hair and that groovy hip, sang ‘Never going to give you up’, we never knew that he meant it like an 16th century nun. You heard it and dared to flippantly forget about it. But Rick cannot be taken that lightly, ladies and gents. He warned you like that pencil-thin moustached creepy stalker outside your window.

The song itself is just annoying. His voice had hit puberty before his face did, and it was at that revolutionary time when parents had just started being okay with their sons taking dance lessons. No, really. And there were lots of mind-numbing drugs involved obviously, because no self-respecting, hot-blooded, red-headed male will move like Ricky did when sober. The synth tries to pierce your mind with it’s shrilly-ness; and just what are those women doing?!?!. It’s NOT sexy. Even Rick would give up on that.

[youtube_video id=dQw4w9WgXcQ]

So we’ve safely established that it’s not a song we’re going to be playing at our untimely and inconvenient weddings. Now, imagine that hot ex of yours sends you a YouTube link, allegedly about that ‘cute baby panda sneezing’ or that ‘weird chick being inappropriate’. Your internet is slow, and you’ve taken a good 20 minutes out of your life to let the video load, mostly because you still want to get it on with the hot ex. It loads and you excitedly begin watching, when SUDDENLY, Rick appears with his non-sexy entourage and starts shaking that nimble leg of his!

That means that you’ve been Rick roll’d, my gullible friend.

“Rickrolling”, the Gandalf of Internet Memes and the not-so-secret weapon of professional Internet Trolls, originally started as tricking someone into clicking on a link to the “Never Gonna Give You Up” music video by claiming it was something else, like a highly anticipated movie trailer, or the weird chick undressing inappropriately. It can also mean playing the song loudly in public in order to be disruptive. When its at someone else’s expense, its pretty amusing. But we all know how many puppies we would kill if some god-forsaken troll were to make us his next victim. 

For instance:

A LIVE Rick Rolling demonstration was given by the man himself, at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. A seeming innocent, overly happy parade came to a halt when Rick appeared out nowhere and belted out ‘Never you to let you go’. The story of his life. No, unfortunately, he wasn’t shot dead on the spot. It was actually a prelude to reviving his career (wait, what?!).

[youtube_video id=y4hqv6USkoU]

There are a string of videos which are faked to look like the people in question have been Rick rolled.The funniest of them is when newscaster Bill O’Reilly of the O’Reilly Factor has Ricky doing his thing on the telecaster. Watch as he flips out and then some! 

[youtube_video id=zIcx_rxTstc]

The perpetually pissed Simon Cowell from American idol also got caught in the Rickrolling fad by a an awkward American Idol hopeful. Never has anyone sung that song with such seriousness so earnestly, only to be shot down by the shooter Simon with a ‘Go home!’. Cause that’s what Simon says. And what Simon says must happen.

[youtube_video id=KZuB5HzhIvk]

However irritating it may be, the song grows on you like fungus, and becomes a part of your very being. Before you know it, it’s replaced your daily John Mayer shower song (don’t blame us or the soap if you slip while trying to pull some fast moves and slick your hair while you’re at it); hell, you’re even playing it at your wedding. But you know, why don’t you?

Because Rick Astley’s…

Never gonna give you up

Never gonna let you down

Never gonna run around and desert you

The phenomenon’s gotten to Family Guy too!

[youtube_video id=STl3eifhkm4]

So apparently, they trolled Obama with it too. What’s next? Rick Astley for President?

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