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What do Kanye West and the Luftwaffe have in common?

In other news, Kanye West is being hilarious again, now in Scandanavia. 

The artist formerly known as Kanye West, (now only to be alluded by his self proclaimed nom de plume, Martin Loius Vuitton the King, Jr), fell down from the stage while at a performance in Norway.

The rapper was working his way through ‘All Of The Lights’ at the Bergen Calling event last tuesday, when he fell off the stage. While inebriation would be a probable claim for any other person, at this point we are thinking that this is normal Kanye West behaviour.

[youtube_video id=3Oh31tZJOts]

However, he soon clambered back up and continued with the track. Right after he compared himself to Hitler

While the world continues to be mystified at his antics, Kanye West is still moving from strength to strength. He has released the new single ‘Otis’ from his album, Watch The Throne, with JayZ.

[youtube_video id=BoEKWtgJQAU]

Stay Strong, Norway!

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