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VIT RIVIERA 2012 :: Music Events


One of South India’s biggest fests, Vellore Institute of Technology’s Riviera 2012 is coming very soon! And there’s a LOT up for grabs. Here’s a lowdown on all the competitions in store for you musicians out there!

Day 1 – Resonance 

Known earlier as Headbangers Kall (so much cooler sounding!), this is where the rock & metal acts cross riffs. Semi pro bands in the south battle it out for:

1st Prize: 22,000 INR

2nd Prize: 16,000 INR

& exclusive prizes for Best Song, Best Vocalist, etc.

But this time round, the stage is open to college bands ONLY.

Big fish in a small pond, we hear you say? With a limit on the number of participating bands to 15 & acts like Black Letters competing, the competition looks anything but easy.

[youtube_video id=fyQ3b3wUOas]

Day 2 – Acoustic Vibes

Does Acapella soooound good to you? Here’s where all western acoustic bands & purely vocal (acapella) bands compete. We anticipate the age-old confusion with regard to guitar and bass & if it is okay under this purview.

Call Harish on 9884577985 to get all queries answered!

Day 3 – Raaga Reggae 

The light music platform where Hindustani, Classical & all Indian styles are welcome! This is a contest with no linguistic limitations, so here’s sincerely hoping for an ethnic musical potpourri – enough with the Rahman covers!

Day 4 – Super Singer

Now THIS is a purely vocal extravaganza. English & Hindi vocalists have three minutes to show their mettle. 

Of course this is just the surface. You ought to check out the finer details right here & head to Vellore in huge numbers to give this a shot!

And if all of this hasn’t got you psyched enough, we bet this dramatic teaser will have you charging in your imaginary horses with your fleeting capes to The Vellore Institute Of Technology!

[youtube_video id=Q75NpRf5VWo]


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