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VH1 Supersonic Opening Day Walkthrough – Score events

Vh1 Supersonic began with a warm embrace from the crowd since the this was its first show after the Pandemic. The three year long wait really had their fans eagerly anticipating a grand comeback, and they surely were not disappointed. Although the first half of the day saw some show stopping logistical and administrative glitches, once the show began, it only gave back some of the best performances that Supersonic is known to deliver.

For a Friday, the footfall was huge and it looks like the crowd is only going to get bigger over the rest of the weekend. The evening performances saw some well-known acts. Ox7gen gave a dynamic performance at the Cirque De Social Stage. This set had the crowd swaying and dancing to the melodic electronic tracks. Around the same time, Easy Wanderlings were performing their hit song “Makin’ My Love” on the Main stage. The night concluded with the performance of Prateek Kuhad at this stage, where he performed all the favourite song of his fans, including the song, cold/mess.

VH1 Supersonic Opening Day Walkthrough - Score Short Reads

Budx Stage showcased many great techno performances on the first day. It included performances by Tyrell Dub Corp, Anyasa, and Grammy award winning duo from Canada named Bob Moses. It was the first time that Bob Moses performed at this festival and they said “We will take back something from this experience with music, and people, and it might affect out music which we might not realize now, but it is possible that it would reflect in out music later.” Peter Cat Recording Co. & Kavya were the key performers on the Nexa stage, both giving engaging performances.

Kavya was super excited to perform at Supersonic once again. As opposed to her previous performance which was thoughtfully curated as a concept performance, where one song flowed into the next song, this time she decided to bare her soul in front of her fans. For this year, Kavya had to say the following about her performance. “As music is a timestamp in one’s life, for this performance I wanted to feel all the emotions, and (understand) why I wrote the words at the time, and so it was an emotional performance.”

The 10,000 Lions Sound System, also known as the Reggae stage saw the crowd slowly warming up to the beats and singjaying as the evening moved to night. The stage is positioned right at the food arena, which made it a perfect place for people to unwind and enjoy. Apart from music, there are also several other activities for the SuperFam can enjoy. There is SuperFlea with a variety of stalls including decorations, merch, clothes, etc. A sneaker display has also been put up for all the sneakerheads to look at and discuss it with other enthusiastic people. The food and drinks stall has been nicely spread across the whole venue.

The second day will see some more interesting sets by bigger artists like Seedhe Maut, Sandunes, Divine, Lifafa, and Tyga.

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