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VH1 Supersonic announces Alt-J as the second headliner!

Vh1 Supersonic announces their second headliner and its none other than alt-J. While Dilpo is known for his EDM, alt-J is an English Indie rock band.

About Alt J

The indie rock band alt-J was formed in 2007 and has Joe Newman as the lead vocalist and guitarist, Thom Sonny Green at the drums and Gus Unger-Hamilton at the keyboard. Their debut album An Awesome Wave which released in 2012 won the British Mercury Prize. The band’s unusual sound stems from the fact that due to living in student halls, where noise had to be kept to a minimum, they were unable to use bass guitars or bass drum.

The band has its own tics that make its stand apart from the rest – Thom Green’s distinctive style of drumming stems out of the reason that his first drum-kit had a saucepan in place of a cymbal. Many may not know that Thom Sonny Green who suffers from Alport syndrome due to which he is about 80 percent deaf. Yes! You may have never figured that out from the way he performs. That’s not it, they have once even dressed up as Vikings for a gig they performed at a Russain telecommunications company.

All in all, this band that literally grew out of a small room is now 5 years into being one of the successful indie rock bands and it is completely well deserved!

Hold on tight as there is lots more in store for you at Vh1 Supersonic 2018. Tickets for the upcoming edition will be out soon.

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