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Vedanth Bharadwaj X Gurupriya Atreya X Khatija Rahman – Amna Bibi: Score Indie Reviews

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Vedanth Bharadwaj has trained in Indian Classical music for many years and continues learning from Prof. Ramamoorthy Rao. Vedanth enjoys singing songs of the mystic saint poets from the Bhakti and Sufi traditions. He accompanies himself on the guitar and the banjo while singing, and this cuts across age and language barriers. He has performed at several prestigious venues and music festivals all around India and the world. Vedanth composes music for films, theatre and dance.  

His latest work “Amna Bibi” is a traditional folk lullaby that has been recreated by the talented duo Gurupriya Atreya & Vedanth Bharadwaj as part of their project “Sing A Lullaby” – a collection of 52 lullabies across India &  the world in several languages. They have made this song in collaboration with the wonderful singer, Khatija Rahman. The music has been recreated by Vedanth where he has approached the music in a very meditative and tender way, making sure that it is relaxing for the listeners. 

If you enjoy listening to music with plenty of context and rich folk connections, this fantastic creation called “Amna Bibi” will absolutely delight you. The track is beautifully crafted and makes the listeners feel a sense of familiarity and belonging. This isn’t just a great song, it’s a well thought out and luxuriously crafted product that is a good indication of the level of thought, passion and apparent dedication that has gone into its creation. You can hear it in every single note. Even the accompanying music video is just exquisite.

“Amna Bibi” is an essential masterpiece in traditional music collection and interpretation. The performances are stunning and flawless. It isn’t just a piece of music, it’s a journey into a world of beautiful tunes and singing, just stream it right now.

Verdict: Soothing

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