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Urban Lonesome, debut album of Mixtaped Monk is out!

India-based music producer Mixtaped Monk’s is out with his new album “Urban Lonesome”. His music soothes the mind with its cinematic soundscapes. Through sounds, his debut instrumental album “Urban Lonesome” talks about the different experiences a person has, and what he feels, when he finally comes back home after spending 5 years in various cities following his passion. The album tries to convey how the person feels when he finds out that the city, and the whole atmosphere around it, has changed drastically. He feels like he is stranded in a deserted island; friendless, lonely and anxious.

Listen to the album here:

About Mixtaped Monk:

Mixtaped Monk is a DIY music project by a journalist and music producer (Arka Sengupta) from India who believes in making music that soothes the mind. This project was started as an outlet for his creative expressions. Under the moniker of Mixtaped Monk, he not only expresses himself as a music producer but also as a writer and a visual artist.
He discovered a cassette of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of The Moon,”  in his uncle’s old room, during his early teenage, or the first mixtape that he made for a girl when he was a little bit older, music has always been his sole companion. Gradually, he picked up playing the keyboard and the guitar, started experimenting with music and realized that there is a whole world of possibilities for him to explore. That is how the idea of Mixtaped Monk started.

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