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Tupac’s Ghost performs with Snoop Dog

Here’s a good one. What is brown and rhymes with snoop?

Dr. Dre.

Now that you’ve recovered sufficiently, Snoopy and The World Class Wrecking Crue seem to be livin’ it up at the Coachella Music Festival, where they performed with a hologram of Tupac(who shall hencefoth be referred to as Holo-pac, or T1000, depending upon the columnists mood.) The sighting of a long dead, semi transparent Tupac was rumoured to have sent thousands of stoned white kids into cardiac arrest, who went all like “BRO I THOUGHT I SAW TUPAC’S GHOST!

[youtube_video id=DQgrce1VflI]

And now, apparently, Holo-pac will tour with Dre And Snoop, bringing death, destruction, and brilliant music across the world. This is the first time a dearly departed musicians has been reanimated for entertainment, and while this could lead to all kinds of brilliance with Holo-Beatles, and Robot-Zeppelin, the ethical questions about conducting a technological seance to see your favourite stars from history still remain slippery.

My humble opinion is Fuck that, lets make another holographic Woodstock. Coachella Music Festival, continues upto the 22nd of april and a has a dazzling constellation of luminaries performing, including Florence and the Machine, Radiohead, Kaiser Chiefs and AVICII. So if you are looking to pack your bags and bankrupt your account, no time better than this.

[youtube_video id=ZLw4Uo4Cf50]

However Noel Gallagher continues to remain an annoying prick and has already gotten into fights with the security. So if you’re there, remember to punch his face for posterity.

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