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Trent Reznor and Karen O cover Led Zep for new film


The trailer of the movie The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo whose score is by the Award Winning composer of The Social Network, Trent Reznor, was leaked online early this week. People across the globe have noted with great interest the Led Zep cover heard in the background. Here is the sneak peek.

The trailer of the much anticipated film The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo leaked last Monday. The movie is being directed by David Fincher of Seven fame and the score is being composed by the frontman of Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor. It has caused quite a buzz on the net because the soundtrack for the trailer is the cover of Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song.

The discussions are raging on since Led Zep’s innovative music inspires many but not all of them can pull off their covers. The last time a Led Zep track was sampled in a movie was way back in 1998 for the soundtrack of Godzilla. Expectations are rising sky high because Fincher and Reznor previously worked together on The Social Network and its score went on to win an Academy Award. We’ve only heard snippets of the track since the leaked trailer has been removed. We’ll keep you updated if anything else emerges of this track because we can’t wait to listen to the entire cover either.

‘Immigrant Song (cover)- Trent Reznor and Karen O’ 

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