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The Rose : A band for bitter days – Score Global Music

The Rose : A band for bitter days – Score Global Music

For anyone looking for something a little different from the chart-conquering K-pop numbers, The Rose is just right. This talented four-member indie group was formed outside the regular K-pop norm of selections and auditions. 

With four members: Kim Woo-sung (vocalist, guitarist), Park Do-Joon(Vocalist, keyboard), Lee Ha-Joon(drums), and Lee Jae-hyeong(bass), the band debuted in 2016 under J&Star Company. Within a short period, their popularity crossed borders despite them not being an idol group. They released 3 single albums, 2 EPs, and multiple singles under their name. 

However, currently they have filed a lawsuit against their label citing mismanagement and are on a break.

It might be a while before we get new music from them, but the gems they’ve already released are here to stay and deserve to be celebrated. Here are some of them for you to explore and enjoy:

The Rose : A band for bitter days  - Score Short Reads


A comfort song for days you wanna quit. This song talks about mental health, about being in a dark place and then the song pulls you out of that space. The song hits home for anyone who has been through rough days. 

“You wanna hurt yourself, I’ll stay with you

You wanna make yourself go through the pain

It’s better to be held than holding on”. 

They say ” it’s better to be held than holding on“, where they imply that whenever you’re having a hard time it is always better to get through those times with someone you trust rather than being alone. These lyrics mean a lot to people who need help with mental health. 

This song remains one of their most profound creations.  


“I wanna be RED 

Just like the burning fire in front  of me

 I wanna be RED 

Just like the sky painted in red

 I don’t care

 I wanna be

 In this road I walk alone 

I want to shine in this darkness 

Throw your sticks and stones 

So what if we’re different from others

 Don’t mind anything”

A perfect anthem song, RED is all about embracing ourselves and shining in the darkness of this cruel world. It says whatever may be the hardships, we will sail through it and emerge victorious, shining as RED.

A song meant to lift up people; this one is a must listen.


A song about reminiscing the moments spent with a loved one after a breakup. This one accurately and painfully summarises the feelings we get after a breakup. You want to forget stuff but some of them are so beautiful that you keep going back to that box of memories to relive them.

“Those times were better

Those days were happier 

I still can’t let you go like this

Sometimes, I heard about you

Even that made me happy”

To relive those days of happiness that you miss, look up this one on your streaming sites. You‘ll love it. 


The last song released before the group went on hiatus, this one is an expression of gratitude to their fans for all the love and support. Even when all the roses were dyed black, i.e all the hardships were upon them, their fans lifted them up with their kindness and comfort.

“Tell me it’s okay

Don’t be afraid

Nobody can take away, take away

Love is thе way” 

Here they say that no matter the circumstances, nobody can take them or their art away from their fans or vice versa. 

The band might be on a hiatus, but after listening to their music you’ll be rooting for their return. Start with the ones mentioned here, and soon you’ll find yourself spiraling into their captivating discography for days.

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