The Rose : A band for bitter days – Score Global Music

The Rose : A band for bitter days – Score Global Music

For anyone looking for something a little different from the chart-conquering K-pop numbers, The Rose is just right. This talented four-member indie group was formed outside the regular K-pop norm of selections and auditions. 

With four members: Kim Woo-sung (vocalist, guitarist), Park Do-Joon(Vocalist, keyboard), Lee Ha-Joon(drums), and Lee Jae-hyeong(bass), the band debuted in 2016 under J&Star Company. Within a short period, their popularity crossed borders despite them not being an idol group. They released 3 single albums, 2 EPs, and multiple singles under their name. 

However, currently they have filed a lawsuit against their label citing mismanagement and are on a break.

It might be a while before we get new music from them, but the gems they’ve already released are here to stay and deserve to be celebrated. Here are some of them for you to explore and enjoy:

The Rose : A band for bitter days  - Score Short Reads
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