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The Humming Tree Presents: Lucy Rose (UK) India Tour 2016, at Todi Mill Social, Mumbai

Lucy Rose Parton, known as Lucy Rose (born 20 June 1989) is an English singer-songwriter from Warwickshire, England. Her debut album, Like I Used To was released in September 2012. Lucy Rose released her second album Work It Out on 6 July 2015 on Columbia Records.

Lucy Rose doesn’t suffer fools gladly. It’s worth bearing this in mind before you reach for her forthcoming second album, Work It Out, released through Columbia Records this Summer. Lucy Rose – she means business.
“This record, it’s hopefully going to sort a few things out. Who am I. What I do. It’s direct. I love it. I’m not asking anyone to ‘get me’, but I want people to give it a proper listen.”
Hardy of head, strong of mind, and deft of touch, 25 year old Lucy released her debut album, Like I Used To, in 2012. She was Bombay Bicycle Club’s secret weapon, and a close ally of her label peers Manic Street Preachers and Peace but while her live shows were devotional events and Youtube filled up with covers of her songs it was noticeable that the same adjectives would appear in descriptions of her music: ‘fragile’ was commonplace, as was ‘gentle’, and rather you than I to mention ‘pretty’.
As this text is being written, her new single Our Eyes is reverberating across Radio 1 and thus to a large proportion of the nation. It suits the radio nicely. Annie Mac declared her love for it, not for the first time, just last week, and many others have since followed suit. The radio likes Lucy too, she hosted her own show alongside new-music stalwart John Kennedy on XFM just recently – playing out her favourite songs and introducing listeners to others.
Our Eyes is a tune that strikes from the left of centre, not a complete reinvention, but a song that resonates outside the confines of those early adjectives. It adds colour, fizz, and texture to her original sound, a splash of Summer, and puts her into a different lane without removing her wholesale from the last one.
Half of the songs you’ll hear on Work It Out began their lives on an iPad, with this dedicated hip-hop fan (genuinely, let’s not make her something she’s not) writing much of her new material on the eight pound app Beatmaker 2. “It’s been gradual, but with my confidence growing after the first album came out, that really changed me,” she says. “Most of the songs from the first record were written when there was nobody listening. But I was travelling and seeing so many places and playing music every night. I was constantly exploring, taking stuff in. It’s all filtered into the new record”
You won’t hear too many imperfections on Work It Out, but you’ll hear a record positively resonating with this young Warwickshire lady’s character. Metaphorically, Lucy isn’t hiding under the table. She’s stood on top of it, bellowing these new songs out. For You, Like An Arrow, Till The End, all songs that set the bar, positioning Lucy in a whole new league. It’s an exciting place to find her, and it’s an accomplished, melody-rich listen.
Truth be told, Lucy Rose hasn’t changed a bit. She’s just shifted the gears a bit, dabbled to the left and given it all a shot in the arm. That new adventure starts here.


Event Details

Venue : Todi Mill Social, Mumbai

Date : 2nd March

Time : From 9pm onward

Tickets :

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