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The Down Troddence release their debut video – Shiva


TDT, the six piece metal band from Kerala, have released their debut music video. Shot in just two days, at first glance it seems stunning enough for immediate attention with great visuals. The band even seem to have slight traces of Avial  in their music. The Only Problem? We don’t really understand what’s going on for the most part. But we really think that shouldn’t stop you from paying them a listen.

It’s unusual for a Kerala band to pursue Sanskrit lyrics for their music. The Down Troddence are an unusual band who seemed to have done just that. Influences of Malayalam art, culture and politics intertwined with Hindu ritual mumbo jumbo pervades through their music.

Coming from a small town like Kannur and to make videos and songs of their calibre requires enormous initiative. It is hard enough to acquire good taste and infuse all that in everything we do. According to the band, the maximum exposure Kannur has is limited to Backstreet Boys and Justin Bieber.

Thanks to the social revolution that surrounds us (FB, Twitter and the like), TDT have risen above their circumstances and spread their fame far and wide. They have also managed to contribute back to Kannur and have scrounged themselves a handful of followers back in their home town.

What do we think about their maiden effort? Considering everything they have been through to get where they are, we think it’s just brilliant.

Read more about them at Indian Rock Mp3

‘Shiva- The Down Troddence’

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