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The Bowie Revolution


He was the nazz. With God given ass….

You cannot be neutral about David Bowie. You can either love him or hate him because he won’t accept anything less. Like the genius mad scientist, he created Ziggy Stardust, leading an army of adoring followers into a space odyssey of chaos and undefined sense. He chuckled to himself, changing his personalities with every show with such ease, that the audience lapped it up without a second thought.

You look into his heavily kohl-ed eyes and he smiles mockingly, red lips glistening, like he knows something scandalous that you don’t.  He flashed his toned legs at world, daring the society to say something, anything. Bringing in the Glam rock era, Bowie was among the breed of extremely secure men who changed the face of music, innovating and changing it into something which would suck you into the fantasy land that he lived in.

[youtube_video id=G8sdsW93ThQ]

He scoffed at the norms, kicking them in the gut and making music out of the agony. Taking love into his manicured fingers, he turned it around, played with it, made it his and called it Modern love. Modern love, which like him, wore flashy make up and shiny clothes. Love which wasn’t scared to cross dress and show some leg. 

[youtube_video id=1hDbpF4Mvkw]

He dabbed on blue make up and dolefully asked you about the life on Mars. There was much speculation about the song when it came out. Heartbreak , was the most common theme which was thrown around . However, during his 1990 tours, Bowie introduced it as a love song saying, “You fall in love, you write a love song. This is a love song”. Once again he threw us off foot, by twisting our known foundations of a love song.

[youtube_video id=v–IqqusnNQ]

One could never hope of understanding the ways of David Bowie. But what we do know, is that he took music into space. It’s not Ziggy who’s the alter ego of Bowie, It’s Bowie who’s a counter product of Ziggy. The flamboyant, beautiful freak who came from Mars, with his spiders and summer dresses.

There’s a starman waiting in the sky

He’d like to come and meet us

But he thinks he’d blow our minds

There’s a starman waiting in the sky

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