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In this colossal pool of talent that the Indie scene breeds these days, it is extremely difficult to pick out the most amazing guitarists there are. But there are a few mind-blowing guitarists who have not only created their own unique ways of playing, but they have also proved themselves to be the best. Here are a few string gurus who have taken the Indie scene by storm.

Amyt Dutta

Dutta’s musical gamut goes back to the time when rock music in India was still in its nascent stage. His live performances will surely enthuse you to pick up the guitar and play (even the air guitar would work just as fine!). This Calcutta based guitarist believes in building a healthy environment for musicians and audiences alike. He is mostly heard playing genres such as blues, rock and jazz. His creative juices are mixed with bands such as  Pink Noise and Skinny Alley.

Amit Heri

Amit Heri, without a shadow of doubt, is one of the biggest names in jazz fusion music in India. He picked up his guitar when he was just 13 and he has not stopped playing since then. He has been seen to share the stage with many internationally renowned artists such as Salif Keita, Charlie Mariano, Trilok Gurtu, Zakir Hussain, Shankar Mahadevan, Angelique Kidjo among others. His playing technique has a definite charm that is very hard to ignore!

Sahil Makhija

If you are into heavy metal, you are sure to come across Sahil Makhija. He is the one of the pillars of heavy metal in India, all right and that’s what makes him an intense musician. Makhija’s riffs are sure to hit you right in your face and you can’t help but be awed!  His edgy melodic content adds an extra edge to his composition. He is associated with a lot of famous bands in India, and the most successful is Demonic Resurrection and popular cooking project called Headbangers Kitchen.

Mohini Dey

The curly haired girl with kaleidoscope eyes, lives, breathes and sleeps music. Being just 19 years old, she is quite an accomplished bass guitarist, who has been described as a prodigy by many famous musicians. She has been playing in concerts all over the world since 10 years old. Mohini is now a part of AR Rahman’s team and has featured in Coke Studio multiple times.

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