Thaikkudam Bridge releases new song Navarasam

Our favorite band from Kerala Thaikkudam Bridge, released their new music video Navarasam. The song has a very nice flavor and you are surely going to love it!

About the band

The band literally was born near Thaikkudam bridge. Thaikkudam is a place in Cochin, Kerala. All the hunky, funky, lean, mean, fat, brat members of the band got themselves jam packed in a room near there and kick started the journey! In spite of the diverse cultural backgrounds, the members hit it off really well.

Band Line-Up

Govind Menon – Vocalist, Violinist, Music Producer
Mithun Raju – Lead Guitars
Ashok Nelson – Rhythm Guitars
Vian Fernandez – Bass Guitars, Vocals
Anish TN – Drums
Ruthin Thej – Keyboards
Vipin Lal – Vocals
Christin Jose – Vocals
Peethambaran – Vocals
Siddharth Menon – Vocals
Piyush Kapoor – Vocals, Guitars
Krishna Bongane – Vocals
Anish Krishnan – Vocals
Nila Madhav Mohapatra – Vocals

Sound Team :
Amith Bal
Rajan KS
Hemanth K

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