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What could you add to a bright sunny day on a hillside road? Probably, a guitarist sitting nearby singing a soulful, acoustic number.

That image of natural tranquility is now just a click away. ‘TereSaath’ by AdyManral beckons you to just sit down and relax. A crystal clear voice with some easy strumming is all what this song is about. And that’s exactly what some of the best songs are all about.

AdityaManral, a blues enthusiast from Mussoorie is someone who says that living in the hills has given him a unique perspective to life. “They indeed go a long way in music and song writing. When you are tucked away from the hustle bustle of the city and living amid the pristine beauty of hills, it just reflects on your work. Since most of my work is drawn from personal experiences in life, the nature just peppers up my songs and compositions,”

Otherwise, Aditya has also been working to conduct a music festival in Mussoorie called the Big Gig. It features talented musicians from different parts of the country.

Watch the newly released ‘TereSaath’ here.

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