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Nai Jaana Finds Tarunbir Singh Delivering A Promising Sophomore Track: Score Indie Reviews

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Tarunbir Singh’s second studio single is a slow-paced romantic ballad titled Nai Jaana. If you need a mellow tune with ambient keys and hushed vocals, Nai Jaana might pique your interest. 

Based on a fairly simple arrangement, the song almost sounds like a spiritual successor to Singh’s previous debut, Leja Leja. The difference is that while Leja Leja’s vocals seemed to give off a more Indian classical-style harmonic feel from him, Nai Jaana brings out his indie-pop side. While of course indie pop and R&B are being experimented with heavily these days, a typical trope in most male-sung love songs in such genres is for the singer to bear a low-volume soft-spoken voice conveying the uncertainty and melancholy of his narrative.

Such a vocal style (whether incorporated intentionally or unintentionally) works in the case of Nai Jaana’s air of the unpredictable stages of love when the narrator wishes to express his love to his partner but is still in the process of figuring it out.

Despite the aforementioned tropes, Nai Jaana is still not too formulaic and Singh does make efforts to add his own touch to it. Although considering that both of his singles have had the moody blues, it would be interesting to find him helm a more energetic or tonally different track as his next release because he does seem to have the vocal prowess to diversify his skills.

But till then, Nai Jaana makes for a heartfelt track on the trials and tribulations of young love. The lyrics and the cover art of the single do imply that Tarunbir Singh wrote it for someone special. Here’s hoping that someone special is more than amused with this track…

Verdict: Ambient, and mellow in the right amounts.

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