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Tanzeel Khan | Chahat Tandon – Khwahish: Score Indie Reviews

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Mumbai-based content-creator Tanzeel Khan who announced his singer-songwriter ambitions with his debut album Dastaan has recently released the second song ‘Khwahish’ from the upcoming seven-track album. 

Written over the course of the last two years, Dastaan is a musical exploration of the cycle of love and heartbreak, with Tanzeel’s words at the front and centre of it. “The album has been written from the perspective of someone who is dealing with the pain of heartbreak, and is relearning to be himself again,” he says. “It is a slice of life, and contains the gamut of emotions from happiness to sadness, pain and love. I want my listeners to be able to see themselves in my songs,” he adds.

The new single ‘Khwahish’ sees the soft-spoken creator in comfortable and familiar melodic territory, from both a lyrical and musical perspective. Tanzeel’s words effortlessly capture the fervour of new love while Akarsh Shetty’s production provides the perfect canvas.

“This song holds a super special place in my heart,” exclaims Tanzeel, before adding, “This is my vibe, something I would’ve listened to every day on a loop if someone else had made it. Honestly, this song took some time to get ready. It’s a great melody and one I think my fans would love to sing along to.”

The video of ‘Khwahish’ is a continuation of the storyline from the first video ‘Yeh dil’ – a song about heartbreak – and stars Chahat Tandon alongside the actor-performer.

“Khwahish” is a piece of music that has been honed and refined with intimate care and attention to detail. Since this is music from Tanzeel Khan’s debut album, this can definitely be termed music in evolution. Melody, poetry, emotion and memory weave in and out and tell us a beautiful story. Something we can all relate to, and marvel at. 

“Khwahish” is the next chapter in the run up to the release of Tanzeel Khan’s debut album, “Dastaan”, and going by everything we have heard so far, it is lining up to be a unique and exceptional debut. So stay tuned for that.

Verdict: Memorable.

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