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Studio Tour- Cali Recording Studios – Score Short Reads

Studio Tour– Cali Recording Studios – Score Short Reads

Tell us about space –

Cali Recording Studios is a highly specialised sound studio located in the heart of South Bombay, Worli. Our lush and modern ambience works as a stimulator for creators to bring out their creativity.

We offer multiple industry standard services such as tracking, live recording, production, songwriting, mixing mastering, dubbing, marketing, promotion, and musical expertise to help with any project requirements may they be an artist struggling to conceptualise his vision to a film maker looking for the perfect score.

Studio Tour- Cali Recording Studios - Score Short Reads
Cali Recording Studios

We also provide online services to connect with the culture all over the world and to help customers feel safe and comfortable in their own homes during these tough times.

We also have a DJ Room where amateur and professional DJ’s can practice on industry standard equipment.

DJ Room

Between takes and sessions, clients can also relax and take a break in our lounge area. The ultimate escape from work somewhere to completely unwind while sipping on our special blend coffee and teas.

Take us through the process of setting it up –

Setting up a studio is a tedious process, However we were lucky to have seasoned professionals to guide us every step of the way and to help with acoustic treatment and isolation which was the most important thing for us once we selected our location.

Since the industry shifted out of South Mumbai towards the suburbs our goal is to to revive the industry in South Mumbai.

What are some of the studio essentials you would recommend?

An essential for any studio is a well treated room and of course the vibe is what drives the creative process. It is also really important to have the right, well qualified team to be up to any task.

What equipment do you use?

Our control room is built around Quested Monitoring and Universal Audio. We also have a DJ studio with industry standard equipment from Pioneer DJ.

Pieces of gear you cannot live without

It’s tough to choose one specific gear but if we had to pick, it would be Quested’s and Universal Audio Apollo x8p.

Describe your typical work day in the studio

Everyday is a different experience since no client or project can be the same. Most of the days we are swamped with work but the days we don’t have any client work, we love to work on our original music which we can’t wait to put out. Trust me, you’re not ready for what’s coming your way!

Take us through some of your most significant releases from your studio and why it is special.

We have a lot of projects in the works with various artists and hope to have some chart topping releases soon.

What’s your next buy for the studio?

Currently some chocolate stash since it got over yesterday but technically, our next buy would be an Avalon 737, Teletronix LA 2A, Moog. We can go on and on!

Tips to aspiring owners of studios

Don’t invest so much money to open a studio, just come to Cali Recording Studios! (haha)
On a serious note though, have patience, trust the process and be fully invested in the business.

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