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Strawberry Fields : DAY 1: Slow But Steady


It took off to a pretty slow start but Rhia managed to catch some really good acts on Day 1 of Strawberry Fields!

With the day’s continuous cloudy weather and the threat of rain hanging in the air, I was hesitant to leave the house and embark on my 90 minute journey to NLS for this year’s Strawberry Fields. That kind of weather is pretty crappy for an outdoor concert on a Friday morning.

Nevertheless, I made it and honestly, it felt pretty awesome to be there. Not just because I survived the Bangalore traffic, but because I was standing on the grounds of one of India’s biggest music shows. I was one of the first few people to arrive and it took a while for audience strength to gain a steady growing momentum.

But even though this year’s Strawberry Fields started up at a relatively slow pace, it didn’t stop any of the bands from giving their performances everything they’ve got.

At half past noon Clown with a Frown took to the stage and headlined the first act of Strawberry Fields 2011, belting out a series of Alternative Rock tunes. It was the perfect musical start to the day.

[youtube_video id=aiLnG203izI]

Grey Matter, with their edgy vocals and guitar pieces rocked the stage during their performance.

[youtube_video id=74O1dR0z1M8]

The day proceeded with an array of metal bands like Renegade and Pisakas occupying the floor one after the other. With a lineup of about 30 great bands on the first day, it looked like SF 2011 was off to a fantastic start.

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