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Ee Mazha/Barkha by Sreekanth Hariharan & Srinath Nair – Score Indie reviews

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The song beautifully and proficiently  intertwines the flavours of both Malayalam and Hindi dialects whilst offering a soothing and captivating melody. It starts off with the sound of rain paving the way for Sreekanth’s elegant introduction. ‘Ee… Mazhaa..’ , he sings, with a beautiful accent on the mazhaa that most definitely warrants much appreciation. 

Of course, needless to say, the stunning and ever changing visuals creatively bring out the various associations we subconsciously make with rain and aptly complement the overall mood. 

The essence of the song is essentially captured in the ‘Dheem Tom Tom Ta Dera na.. Taana Dere Na;. It is powerful, yet, an embodiment of grace, catchy yet unique, energetic yet calm only to say the least. The inception of the Hindi segment, brilliantly rendered by Srinath, marks a slight change in the pace of the song. We are introduced to different arrangements and of course, needless to say, a differentiated vocal texture, however, the theme, mood and dynamics of the song are preserved, enabling continuity and cohesiveness.  

The unique value proposition of the song is its unpredictability and its underlying mystic nature. Just when you start settling in, imbibing the sound, and  building your expectations as for the song’s trajectory, you are  left surprised whether it’s a change in pace, key, or, undoubtedly, language! The layering of the stanzas in different languages towards the end coupled with changing volumes allows the listeners to appreciate the nuances of the respective verses. The song allows you to immerse yourself in its melody, get lost within, yet, with a sense of conviction and calmness.

Verdict: A calming song yet full of surprises

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