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A mesmerising Journey through “Soyi/Khoyi” by Shreya Sharma and Shreya Jain

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“Soyi/Khoyi” is a sonic spell brilliantly woven by the dynamic duo Shreya Sharma and Shreya Jain. Combining enchanting melodies and complex instrumentation, this album transports the listeners into the worlds of emotions and imagination.

The album commences with the “Soyi” track which is very ethereal. Sharma’s velvety vocals perfectly jazz hands Jain’s skilfully created guitar melodies. The track sets the mood for the rest of the album, encouraging the listeners to get lost in its dreamy haze. Each successive track is further constructed from this base, giving a homogeneous mix of traditional Indian elements and modern soundscapes.

Jain’s deft guitar playing is evident throughout the album, showcasing her gift as a musician. Ranging from delicate fingerpicking to fiery solos, her playing enhances each composition with nuance and detail. At the same time, Sharma’s emotive vocals bring out a wide spectrum of emotions from longing and introspection to joy and ecstasy. They come together to form a musical harmony so very entrancing.

Notable tracks are the haunting “Khoyi” with Sharma’s evocative storytelling and Jain’s haunting guitar melodies. The song plays out like a cinematic journey, painting a very vivid picture with its rich instrumentation and suggestive lyrics. Some other highlights are “Aashiyan” with its groovy tune and uplifting chorus, and “Raat Din” which features poetic lyricism on the themes of love and longing.

Regarding the production, “Soyi/Khoyi” is faultless; each instrument and each vocal is meticulously blended to produce a richly textured sonic canvas. The creamy arrangements and the crystal-clear sound quality of the album make it an even more enjoyable piece of work all the way.

Verdict: “Soyi/Khoyi” is a modern Indian music masterpiece, that depicts the talent of Shreya Sharma and Shreya Jain. With its mesmerising melodies, soulful lyrics, and perfect musicianship it is a must for all the listeners of both indie and world music.

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