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Sneak peek into the journey of G-Deep

1) Tell us about Thumka thumka is really good song 

Thank u so much, yes it is, it’s a feel good song. We wanted to create something very commercial and groovy with a message.

2) What made you choose your motherland as a theme for your song?

We have such an amazing history, so as a writer I had 2:30 seconds to tell a story, I wanted to add all the real things like angrez mere desh Mai, Moguals, and how the traffic can’t stop and super stars can go flop

3) Tell us a little bit about your journey as a musician.

I have witnessed many bad and great weathers. It has been exciting, I love creating new melodies , New themes, New words. I have been very blessed with great fans, who make me work insane.

4) Who are your inspiration in the music industry?

Hmmmm, I love everyone, Mika Singh is one of my favorites, I wish to reach those heights as an Indian independent artist.

5) How do you use Digital Media to promote your music?

there is so much out there, I stay busy in the studio  mostly. I stay connected on my insta and facebook etc.

6) You grew up pretty much in US. How is your perception of music industry in India and how would you like it to change?

Our industry is very Bollywood dominated, So its very dreamy, People can fool you for days, Some people can make you in days, I was lucky enough to choose good people my team at real G and Times Music have been supportive. Labels are believing in us indi pop artist which is a beautiful thing, Pop Stars are needed in India to keep it Real. We all can’t be actors.

7) Upcoming projects

I am working on many singles, with many different themes, We have our HIP Hop Album which is going to be a massive Album for Indian music industry. We have shots the music videos and you guys will see it shortly.


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