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Snarky Puppy feat. Jacob Collier & Big Ed Lee – “Don’t You Know”

Okay, I can hear the 7th, the 3rd and there’s probably a sharp 5th in there. It’s hard to figure out. But it’s definitely easy to sit back, mouth wide open and marvel at pros playing it to their best.

‘Don’t You Know’, amazes you with its harmony. It’s the typical Snarky Puppy brilliance served on a different platter this time by Jacob Collier and the choir.

The beginning of the song actually manages to create a smooth, flowing atmosphere using percussion sounds. (If you count bass, piano and organ as those) Once the chorus kicks in, its pure groove. You can feel yourself moving, involuntarily, to the tight vocals and horn fill ins as they come and go. And before your mind can register the brilliance of a bar just played, they’ve already done something better in the next one. This song only starts making sense once you surrender and let yourself flow with the music.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is a world where being great at your instrument is mediocrity. Snarky Puppy pushes the limits of innovation constantly. (Reference to the outstanding piano solo in this song- how everything suddenly settles down to kick back into the groove later- completely unexpected)

Here is the video link. Spend these ten minutes being amazed!

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