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Slash releases new single, ‘You’re a lie’

Slash releases the first peek into his new album, ‘Apocalyptic Love’ in the form of a new single, ‘You’re a lie’ featuring Myles Kennedy on the vocals.

When ‘You’re a Lie’ begins with Slash’s signature power riffs, you smile and know that you’re home cause they’re just so Slash. Then Myles’ voice creeps in, delicious and heavy, slapping you out of your comfort, slowly building up to a crescendo and finally exploding into the accusing “You’re a LIE, LIE”, filling your mouth with a taste that no homemade pie can ever contest.

However, though no homemade pie, it does taste like a familiar pie. Slash seems to have settled into a routine sound and guitar style that we’ve all come to associate him with. But it’s a very different Slash from the toned down version we knew from Guns N’ Roses. Breaking free from the G N’R vein, he now has a ballsier edge to his playing. He also, has found a perfect voice to his guitar in the form of the absolute genius of a musician that Myles Kennedy is. His raw vocals compliment post Guns N’ Roses Slash like they were made for each other musically. Myles’ singing is like going into an epic odyssey filled with war, blood, adventure, loss and a love story brewing on the side.

You’re a Lie’ is based on the ultimate muse of the musicians- Some good ol’ heartbreak and betrayal.  It talks about a lover, cheater from what it seems, with whom they’re breaking ties with. Quite brutally too.  Slash’s almighty solo and Myles’ voice together, are strong enough to destroy a planet, let alone a measly ex lover. 

Cause you’re a lie

Lie, lie

I won`t sit and take this anymore.

The single is the first track from Slash’s new album ‘Apocalyptic Love’, releasing on May 22nd. If the album is as good as his previous one, we’ll die a bunch of happy people.

[youtube_video id=ZB05RxsKxUY]

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