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SkyEyes Bring Me To The End sounds effortlessly ‘ranty’ and ‘relaxed’ at the same time: Score Indie Reviews

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Delhi-based rock outfit has been getting quite the buzz in the independent rock scene with their debut EP in 2019. This year, they kick off their discography with a new single Bring Me To The End. Dedicated to the musicians who faced turbulent times last year because of the pandemic, the song also shifts narratives to incorporate themes that call out global political leaders who are relying on hate speech rather than logical collective decisions.

Despite the philosophical overtones, the song sounds effortlessly vibey, thanks to a highly catchy guitar riff that plays throughout the entire track. Talking about guitars, this track is in fact SkyEyes’ first with their new guitarist Kaushik Manikandan who joined the band initially as a sessios musicians. The guitars aside, lead singer Diyatom Deb’s vocals carry a certain rawness that helps in capturing the emotive parts of the song, especially in the chorus.

The only drawback for some might be a slightly longer runtime that could have been cut short by a minute or two. For instance, an interlude towards the latter half features a prolonged voice sample, a snippet from ex-American Vice President Spiro Agnew. The speech provides some intellectual food for thought that might go well with the ideological themes of the song but it starts feeling a bit dragged towards a point, even though the guitars and Deb’s crooning is good enough. 

The speech-driven portion of the song might draw a polarizing reaction but otherwise Bring Me To The End succeeds at striking a balance between comforting as well as thought-provoking tones. It’s energetic and a worthy effort at crafting a meaningful rock song. 

Verdict: Serious and truthful themes converge with an easygoing and upbeat aura, strengthened with memorable guitar riffs. 

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