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Shwetaank Gupta’s debut single ‘Song for her’!

Shwe G born as Shwetaank Gupta in Ahmedabad, India is one of the few musicians from Gujarat, India to have been actively engaged in the music scene of Manhattan, New York. With an impressive catalog of 100 plus studio recordings, Shwe has established himself as a ferocious yet soulful Blues Guitar player.
From his humble beginning, where he immersed himself in the tradition of Indian Classical music gaining a command over instruments like Sitar and the Harmonium, Shwe began to perform locally and garnered much praise and approval from the audiences of all demographics. His devotion and countless performances led him to win the most coveted “Performer of The Year” at a mere age of 7 at his primary school.
Shwe continued to perform relentlessly, developing a keen ear and a deep understanding of harmony. In 2013,Shwe with his team organized, sponsored and performed what turned out to be the biggest Jazz and Blues Festival in Western India where tens and thousands of spectators flocked to Darpana Auditorium in his hometown of Ahmedabad.
Right before his high school graduation, Shwe decided to pursue music professionally and got himself enrolled at Boston’s famed Berklee College of Music.
From 2012-16, Shwe attended Berklee and made several connections. He got involved with multiple ensembles and chose Guitar Performance as his focus of study. Shwe’s sonic ability and music sensibilities were deeply rooted in the art form of Electric Blues, Soul and R&B. “It was at Berklee where I was made fully aware of sonic possibilities and how to craft a piece of a song into reality,” says Shwe.
Apart from Music, Shwe studied American history, Philosophy, Marxism and multiple languages. He was also credited as the founder of the Soul-experiment ensemble “The Vibe” which played the most sought-after gigs on the east coast selling bars, clubs and all-age venues alike. “To run a band is to run an enterprise,” says Shwe, “The concept of a band is disappearing in regards to the 21st century Pop culture but it isn’t. Digital Audio Workstations are incredible tools but they will never surpass a human touch and that is a fact”. 
Currently, Shwe is recording his debut album temporarily titled “2017Madison” with a vast bunch of producers and writers. His album credits include Vegas-based performer Spicy Gringo (formerly of Red Oblivion) and New York-based producer Benny Benson who co-wrote, produced and performed several songs with Shwe for the record. “Without my team, I would be nowhere, they become your family once you write music with them, they keep you going in a very competitive cut-throat environment. no one can make it without a strong team”  says Shwe.
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