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I Dwell is a Spacey and Soothing Collab between Shilpa Ananth and Aleksandra Denda – Score Indie Reviews

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Clocking in at 3 minutes and 43 seconds, I Dwell blends a lot of sounds and influences to create a truly original track. In an otherwise phase of oversaturated indie-pop and hip-hop releases, I Dwell sounds like a breath of fresh air. 

Interestingly, the multiple sounds can be poetically linked to the diverse origins of the two artists involved. For the unacquainted, Ananth is of Indian origin but is currently based in the UAE. As for Aleksandra Denda, she has Balkan origins and currently stays in Switzerland and Spain. 

The song, as Ananth describes, dropped around “Aquarius season” and delves into a love that endures no matter what. Even though similar concepts might have been touched upon before, the interpretation and overall sound is what elevates I Dwell from others. 

Ananth and Denda’s vocals and Giosuè’s production is a perfect match and it would be interesting to see if the duo can cook up any more tracks together. I Dwell picks up from a spacey sound and transcends towards a dramatic chorus that evokes the themes of a fantasy realm. In other words, right from the first verse and chorus, it is a very cinematic track. 

If all of this weren’t cinematic enough, the song progresses towards a brilliant percussion-heavy interlude. As the drums beat, Ananth and Denda’s multiple harmonies make I Dwell reach new spiritual levels. 

Oftentimes, in today’s indie space, artists are going for shorter durations. In this Insta-reels-addicted year, smaller is better. So, whenever an artist clocks for more than 4 minutes these days, they have to make the song really engaging to capture the listener’s attention till the very end. 

I Dwell is an exception as it would want you asking for more. As the percussive outro ends, you would want for this song to have an extra part or two for how seamless it sounds from start to finish. 

Verdict: Spacey, cinematic, and easily repeat-worthy. 

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