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Catch Shashaa Tirupati In Her Production Debut: ‘All About You’

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Shashaa Tirupati, the voice behind the iconic “Hamma Hamma,” remake isn’t just hitting the high notes; she’s now orchestrating the entire melody. In her debut as a producer, she dives headfirst into crafting ‘All About You,’ proving that her musical journey has evolved from playback singer to an independent and complete musician. Hard to believe it’s her first time in the producer’s chair though- sounds like she’s been running the show all along.

The track explores the complexities of a difficult relationship, but is infused with a light-hearted context- in both the overall musical , making it both relatable and refreshing. On the lyrical aspect, the former A.R. Rehman touring aid showcases a deft hand at mixing and placing vocals. The repetition is perfectly balanced, creating a thematic harmony that resonates personally.

The sound of the track is nothing short of a beautiful and haunting experience, with synths and electronic sounds that dance seamlessly with Shashaa’s vocals. This shows the self-awareness she brings to her craft.The harmonizing with a French horn-like sound pleasantly stands out. Genres collide and coalesce, covering experimental, folk, and electronic realms- an auditory adventure through the sound forest. The tracktakes a deliberate slowdown towards the end, offering a sonic dimension that is both unexpected and delightful.

Beyond the music, ‘All About You’ makes a perfectsoundtrack for those moments of introspection or, dare we say, tripping. The comparison to Mac Miller’s soundmight not be too unwarranted, especially in the idiosyncratic beats and production style that echo a similar avant-garde spirit. The song’s length is makes for a complete experience- a “sit-down-and-listen” vibe that’s pleasantly immersive.

With ‘All About You,’ Shashaa Tirupati steps into the producer’s shoes with a confidence that matches her vocal prowess, although she confesses being nervous about her new craft. The song is a testament to her artistic evolution, blending genres, experimenting with sounds, and crafting a musical journey that beckons listeners to explore the many facets of her sonic identity. A nod to the past, a gaze into the future.

Verdict- Experimental, Balanced Energy, Pleasant

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