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Shadow And Light’s Raahein is comfortingly good – Score Indie Reviews

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With three studio albums contributing to their discography, the fusion duo Shadow and Light have earned a cult fanbase in its own right. Raahein might not be the duo’s most standout single but it still bears testimony to their consistent releases. 

As is the norm with every Shadow and Light song, Anindo Bose serves as the producer and keyboardist while Pavithra Chari lends her vocals and lyrical abilities. The latter shuffles between Hindi and English, with this song being a sole Hindi composition. 

Starting off from an upbeat rhythm, Chari’s voice wavers melodiously between lyrics and vocal harmonies. Around the second minute, the instrumental interlude picks up the pace and acts as one of the best parts of the track. 

While Chari’s vocals are playful and soothing throughout, the song could have done with a verse or a minute less. At times, the pre-chorus harmony tends to be repetitive. And given how these days, indie releases are clocking within three (or even two) minutes, the 4 minutes and 37 seconds duration might not engage some new-age listeners to the very end. 

Of course, the duration issue is always subjective in the currently-changing music landscape. But overall, Shadow and Light is in top form and the song makes for a soothing listen. Be it a late night drive or an early morning stroll, Raahein seems to be suited for every mood if you are into neo-Hindi fusion. 

Verdict: Upbeat and comforting. 

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