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Sennheiser’s Evolution Microphones

In   1998,   evolution   microphones  were thrust into the spotlight for  the   first   time,  providing  bands  with a complete microphone solution for flawless and rich sound  for both vocals  and  instruments.  Since  then,  the  company  has  sold  some  10  million  wired  and wireless evolution microphones. evolution  microphones  are  designed  specifically  to  withstand  the  rigors  of  live stage   performance, excelling   at meeting   a   range   of   specialized  needs  in this  demanding  market. At   the   same   time,   the   series  manages    to    strike    the    right  balance     between     affordability, impressive sound and high quality workmanship. The evolution series  has  the  right  microphone  for  any  performance,  regardless  of  whether the stage is big or small. They are a permanent fixture of the sound tech’s rider for countless bands and events. In  Grammy’s as well evolution  microphones are used for vocals.

Look back to how evolution series was created

Before the introduction of the evolution microphone range, Sennheiser’s professional microphone offering was dominated by classics such as the MD 441, MD 421 and the MD 409, as well as mics based on these models. The company’s focus was clearly on the TV area, on high-quality microphones for use in broadcasting and TV studios and not every microphone that has been optimized for broadcasting can be so easily transferred to the live stage. Sennheiser was faced with a complex problem: the company knew that if it wanted to be more successful in the music industry, certain price limits could not be exceeded. At the same time, the company wanted to continue to focus on quality, with microphones that were made in Germany.

In the end, the solution was the domestic manufacture of high-quality microphones through a fully-automated production process. This represented a major financial and technical risk because such a production line had never been built before. Together with an engineering company specialized in precision engineering, the company’s manufacturing engineers and product specialists started to develop a production line for manufacturing dynamic microphones and capsules.

1998 and one year later: the first mics started rolling off the assembly line and the evolution range was launched. The company’s willingness to take a risk paid off through a comeback in the music microphone industry that was nothing short of spectacular. The original models of the evolution series included the wired vocal microphones e 825, e 835 and e 845, as well as instrument microphones e 602, e 604, e 608 and e 609, with more models added over time.

evolution 900 Series –designed for the most demanding tasks

In  2003,  the  first  premium  evolution  900 models were added  to  the evolution  microphone series. With the microphones   of   the   900   series,   Sennheiser started   a   new   tradition   of   testing   the  microphones  from  the  outset  in  the environment in which they are actually  used.  The company took the  first prototypes straight to   a   music  club we  know  well,  where  they  were  put through  their  paces  by musicians    and    the    developers. Once there, we could hear directly where    changes    needed    to be made to the sound, or where more presence or brilliance was  needed.  Our  developers with  their  design  and  music  expertise –then  usually  knew  which  refinements  and  tweaks  were  required to  achieve  the  sound  quality  they  were  after. In  record  time,  the  900  series  has  become  a  well-known  brands among  bands,  artists  and  sound  engineers.  The  sound of  the  vocal capsules and, in particular, the sound of the 935 capsule is very popular.

Every detail counts for perfect live sound. Take the evolution wired 900 series: conceived of as a harmonically calibrated family, these high-end microphones combine demanding sound with unmatched reliability. Uncompromising stage equipment for uncompromising professionals.


Evolution wireless D1

D1 is a range of digital wireless microphone systems that lets bands go wireless the easy way. With systems for vocals or for instruments, a band’s life is made simpler: transmitters and receivers automatically pair and select suitable transmission frequencies, while multiple D1 systems can automatically coordinate themselves. ew D1 operates in the 2.4 GHz range, which is license-free worldwide. D1 instantly readies you for making music – and takes the complexity out of wireless Ease of use is key

Bands can now just forget about frequency setting, matching transmitters and receivers, and getting the gain right – evolution wireless D1 offers true ease of use by doing all these time-consuming and sometimes error-prone chores for them. Basically, all that is needed is to switch the system on.The rest will happen automatically. In no time at all, you’re all set to start jamming – with all the levels right, and a stable wireless link.



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