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Sennheiser launches the XS Wireless 1 microphones!

Sennheiser expands its music industry portfolio with a brand-new radio microphone: XS Wireless 1. Excellent live sound, a stunning design, and incredible ease of use that makes the system a perfect choice for up-and-coming artists who want to upgrade to wireless.

The XS Wireless 1 series comprises a total of six wireless microphone sets for the budget-conscious user looking for ease of use, fast set-up and reliable transmission. Artists, bands and presenters are ready to perform within seconds, thanks to automatic frequency management with one-touch synchronization and intuitive, icon-based controls.

The series uses the renowned Sennheiser evolution capsules, and employs antenna switching diversity for reliable reception. The individual sets provide up to ten compatible, preset channels in eight frequency banks, and are available in a number of ranges across the UHF spectrum (A: 548-572 MHz, GB: 606-630 MHz, B: 614- 638 MHz, C: 766-790 MHz, D: 794-806 MHz, E: 821-832 MHz + 863-865 MHz, K: 925-937.5 MHz). The receiver provides balanced XLR and unbalanced jack outputs.

XS Wireless 1 sets come complete with receiver, transmitter, microphone (capsule) or instrument cable, power supply unit and batteries. Two XS Wireless 1 Vocal Sets give a choice of two different microphone capsules, the e 825 cardioid capsule or the superior capsule of the e 835, also with a cardioid pick-up pattern. The XS Wireless 1 Headmic Set with ME 3-II headworn microphone is an ideal solution for any live sound application where users need to have their hands free when singing or presenting.

Brass players will be delighted to discover a dedicated Brass Set in the XS Wireless 1 range, which provides an evolution e 908 T gooseneck microphone that clips onto the instrument.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Vipin Pungalia, Director Professional Segment, India quotes “I am delighted to announce the launch of XS Wireless 1, which will be  a complete delight for the brass players. Excellent live sound combined with simplicity that first time wireless users prefer, is the hallmark of XS Wireless 1. In developing the series, special attention has been paid to making user operation as straightforward as it can be, and offering great sound while ensuring affordability.”

Pricing and Availability

The XS Wireless 1 is starting at INR 19,900

The Sennheiser e-store now lets you check out and buy this microphone anytime and anywhere by visiting the e-store at

This product was featured in our May 2017 issue:


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