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Season Four of DRUM-E-BAAZ drops in 2020, watch out for it!

Every start has an end…for a better beginning. Nowhere else is this quote more relevant than perhaps the 4th edition of DRUM-E-BAAZ, coming up in the year 2020. Between 2015 and 2018, renowned drummer Mohit has conducted three successful editions of DRUM-E-BAAZ.

The event serves as a showcase for talent, featuring new people every season, providing unique and interesting content for the audience to enjoy. The event also serves as a live show platform for students who come to learn. In essence, DRUM-E-BAAZ is Mohit’s dream which he lives through the scintillating performances in the event.

2020 will mark the fourth edition of DRUM-E-BAAZ and the event promises to deliver some powerful and groovy performances in the genres of Pop, Rock and Bollywood. It’s going to be non stop entertainment extravaganza and the audience is going to be thoroughly enthralled and entertained. One of the biggest driving forces behind the creation of DRUM-E-BAAZ was Mohit’s desire to bring drummers to the forefront. Drummers are the backbone of every band. Drummers do the crucial job of keeping the time and holding a beat. However, in every performance, the drummer is usually pushed to the background. Buried behind their drum kits, drummers end up being
anonymous. DRUM-E-BAAZ aims to push the drummers to the forefront where they can showcase their incredible talents.

Previous editions of the event have featured special guests like

Mangesh Gandhi – Coshish

Sucharita Tyagi (Ex-Radio City Mumbai)

Ronkini Gupta – Vocalist

Santanu Ghatak – Lyricist/Composer

In the 2018 event, the son of renowned Roshan Abbas also performed live.

Mohit has credited the event’s success to the support and blessings of all his students, their parents, family members and every member of the audience that breathes life into the event. The event has been fortunate enough to enjoy the support of Furtados Music throughout its existence. Special thanks to my mentor Gino Banks.

Without all of them, the fourth edition of DRUM-E-BAAZ would’ve never come to fruition.


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