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Sean Roldan and Lalitha Sudha’s Meendum Pirandheno is a heart-touching medley of two distinct worlds: Score Indie Reviews

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Producer and singer Sean Roldan accompanied with vocalist Lalitha Sudha grace Roldan’s new track Meendum Pirandheno, giving listeners the sound of a surreal trance. The track dedicated to notions of timeless love is soothing and heart-touching to say the least. 

Set in the Kalyani Ragam of Carnatic music (that can roughly be equated with the Yaman rag in Hindustani music or the Lydian mode in Western music), the production of the track traces electronic tones with Carnatic medleys. Be it the music or the vocals, the tone of Meendum Pirandheno is consistent and uniform throughout its entirety. But that hardly makes the track monotonous. 

It starts off with Lalitha Sudha’s elegant vocals, to which Sean Roldan himself joins. Both voices blend beautifully, just like the two genres this fusion song attempts to merge together. Even a layperson who might not have too much of an idea on Carnatic music or singing styles can give the song a listen. 

The music is dreamy and adds to the trance-like effect, making it perfect for a night-time listen. Relaxing and ambient would be the best words to describe it. Its slow pace is justified and sits perfectly well with Sudha and Roldan’s verses. 

Verdict: A comforting electro-carnatic fusion track that even non-classical listeners can appreciate. 

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