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Scribe is India’s Torchbearer of Hardcore at The MTV Awards!

The celebratory process includes mass pav bhaji face stuffing and a victory dance in SpongeBob Squarepants boxers to Baba Sehgal’s tunes. Don’t be too soon in dismissing this as randomness. If you subscribe to Score, you would know this.

YES! Scribe was in our April issue that you can STILL catch at

For the lazy click-phobes, this five-band unit from Mumbai has been active in the Indian music scene since 2005. Their trail has spanned across Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Shillong, Guwahati and Pune and it has led them up all the way to the renowned Inferno Festival in Oslo, Norway in 2010.

Scribe’s second album ‘Mark of Teja’ was a big winner at many awards including the Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2010 and the JD Rock Awards 2011

And it’s just getting better for them with this MTV Nomination! They found out from Vh1 that they have been nominated at the MTV Europe Music Awards happening at Belfast, Ireland for Best Artist (Worldwide).

This happens to be the first time ever that an Indian band is getting nominated!

[youtube_video id=atRQBkTYluo]

Sorry about not warning you. They kinda blow minds. We tried getting in touch with them but in the bargain learnt some good Marathi via Vodafone. 

But nevertheless, we know what would get them even more excited than salted peanuts & pav bhaji.

Show them support by clicking on and casting your vote for Scribe! 

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