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ScoreRoundup: Hey Jude and Breasts

Welcome to another edition of Score Roundup, where we put the sexy in dyslexia. Its been a good week for us, and the interns we keep locked up in the basement have put in some great indentured labour.


Pictured: Score Interns lining up for their dental benefits.



Articles: (Because we know you do not have headphones)

Mihir, our new columnist from Chennai (who has recently dislocated his radius, ulna, and spatula pretending to be Iggy Pop) gave us the lowdown on insane stage moves, AND explored the Lady Gaga lineage. Alice Coopers ribs were tangentially referred to.

Sayantan told us why love songs are not good for your relationships. He has recently had seven restraining orders taken out against him, so he is the Score office’s exclusive Relationship Guru.

Raunaq Sahu, also our new columnist from Chennai, gave us his own ‘God Mode’ playlist while swerving a sixteenwheeler into a north atlantic oil rig. From a helicopter. While wrestling the Machete.


Yeah. The mother******* Machete.



Also, because we are awesome here at HighonScore: You do not have to feel embarrassed about singing na na na nananaaaa with Hey Jude. Check out Satman’s list of Song Lyric Infographics.

Also, we sampled the throroughly distasteful “Mujhse Fraaandship Kaaroge” (give or take a few a’s). Since then, Mihir has been lurking the hallways of Score, occasionally scaring innocent bystanders with gems like: 

Uh, possessive with feelings intense/Forever, irrespective of the expense/Uh, together, we partners in crime/Uh, better and perfected with time”

Finally, Preetha, our new columnist from Bangalore (hah!) reviewed Blink 182’s absurd desire to sing about girls and only girls. And Llamas. Joking, Only and exclusively girls.


We had Preetha’s list of feel good songs to make you get through the week. And Mihir’s list of Metallica mayhem to annoy your neighbours at really high volumes. 

This week, Kunal chipped in for the Score Playlist and gave us the dirt on the best modern indian bands. 

ScoreBytes ( Everything that you need to know about music, and some things that you do not.)

This week, among other awesome things: Coldplays new single, Paradise got released, and against all hope, the universe continued to let Katy Perry sing

Our very own Uninor Mirchi awards happened, and Wolverine traumatised Broadway.

This week in ’96, Tupac Shakur passed away. His friends promptly did the most obvious thing with his ashes, and smoked that shit up. 


Pictured: The Score writer’s ideal funeral

Simon Cowell continued to be dour and just generally spoiling everybody’s day, and Kailash Kher decided to trade microphone for shiny trousers. Sonu Nigam did his bit for bouncing betties. Very titillating. 

Also, the awesomely named Shinobi Ninja sang something.

[youtube_video id=zZ9vM1RIGEM]

Score Gig Alerts ( Remember, i before e except in Budweiser) 

We told you where the party’s at in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and at one memorable instance, thanks to our friends at Whats The Scene. 

Click here to regret about all the awesome stuff you missed this week, OR alternately to find where you and your beer-goggles were on that hazy tuesday night.

That will be all from The Score today: We will continue frequently entertaining and occasionally disgusting you through this week also. Stay with us, loyal readers, and there may just be cake at the end of this. 


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