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Score Playlist :: Happy Birthday Shakira!

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, the gorgeous mane, the seductive voice & of course them hips that work overtime – you can’t not know Shakira! 

I discovered Shakira with Laundry Service. She was the seductress of Y2K (LOL, yes remember that term?) and became a global phenomenon with her single, Whenever. There’s a lot of personal affiliation with this popstar for me. Shakira’s Laundry Service was the first audio tape I bought (18 dirhams at Virgin Megastore!) & I remember playing & replaying all those songs on my Walkman.

This was the time when I had discovered & when social networking wasn’t so happening (seriously, what DID people do online then?!) & I remember reading up on her & even (cringe) playing ol quizzes testing this knowledge. So all that you read is purely from fond memory.

I believe she ran away from home at 15 or 16 and started her career as a model and pursuing her musical dreams simultaneously. The first two albums had her as a redhead and a brunette respectively and she quite literally hit gold with blonde. 

BUT, this ain’t no bio piece. This is just to celebrate her the fact that she was born! Her singing is characterized by moans & over-the-top quivering (vocally & physically). The oversytilistic singing compensates for the ludicrous lyrics – check out Shewolf, Don’t Bother & just about any song, actually. 

Shakira videos are the ones with specific body parts heaving & gyrating. The woman doesn’t really dance but flexes in lycra (and not) WITH ample hairography. The oomph ness drips and HOW.

I shall stop drooling on about her physical perfection & get to the point of this post:

Celebrating Shakira’s Birthday With An Essentials Collection!

Eyes Like Yours

It is one of the most recognizable numbers by Shakira. You might have heard the Spanish version, Ojos Asi if not for this one (another characteristic feature – a lot of her singles are done in the two languages, English & Spanish). A staple of many western dance competitions at one point. But wicked beats & an oriental vibe that works very, very well!

[youtube_video id=0Z9w8s2l8NM]

Whenever, Wherever

Lucky that my ***** are small and humble – whattey scandal it was back in the day. Yes, I’m beginning to realize that a post about Shakira getting old is making me sound old. Hmmm. BUT, this is such a fun song! Even today, will get you to break into a jig. Sigh, she made stonewashed jeans hot.

[youtube_video id=weRHyjj34ZE]

Objection (Tango)

A very successful fusion of Spanish tinged pop & that rap refrain – too much fun to sing along to! This was the time when everything Shakira did was oh-so-hot. For good reason! Watch the video peeps!

[youtube_video id=8C6xDjQ66wM]

Don’t Bother

This is an underrated song with darker elements and even sounding a little 80s. Ignoring the lyrics (she practices Tai Chi?), it didn’t really work in 2005 but the song has great cover potential and has NO oriental elements! :O Really different, edgy stuff from the lady.

[youtube_video id=MjRRQdnOR]


A more recent number featuring Pitbull (the stamp of anything 2010 – 11), the merengue beats on this one are infectious, to say the least! I’m sensing a pattern here and hence choose to remain tight lipped abou – OMG HAVE YOU SEEN THE WOMAN IN THE VIDEO?! RAWR MUCH?!

[youtube_video id=a5irTX82olg]


A lot of her songs are guitar driven & this one’s got an interesting pattern. I just like it for no particular reason.

[youtube_video id=7Kv_qd2rXcs]


Cllaborating with rap moguls? Check. Oh will the hotness never cease?

[youtube_video id=eXQXs3Lr0UA]


I know its your birthday and all, but seriously WHY? 

[youtube_video id=booKP974B0k]

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