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Scabadoo Bop with AMC’s 10th edition of International Jazz Day Celebrations 

AMC is back with the 10th edition of the International Jazz Day celebrations! To be held on the 29th of April, this edition will be held at Antisocial in Mumbai. Scheduled from 9 pm to 1 am, you can catch their wonderful lineup that includes talented artists like the Second Sight, Rajeev Raja Combine, Samantha Noella, Shubhangi C, Deepak Verma, Anand Bhagat, Anusha Ramasubramoney, and of course, the Adil Manuel Collective performing. 

The artists are all geared up to give one heck of a show that is independently curated and organised by Adil Manuel. Previous editions have seen the freshest and most tantalizing Jazz/Fusion/RnB artists featured, thus building and promoting a community of jazz lovers. One can only imagine what they have in store for this year’s celebrations.

So Mumbaikars, scat away with this amazing bunch and celebrate International Jazz Day, the right way. Get your tickets now!

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