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Sargoshi – Anurag Mishra – Score Indie Reviews

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A contemporary couple with their own sweet nothings and lovely affection is sudden impeded with a silly incident.. Breaking of a mobile phone. It cleverly shows how the contemporary generation takes their gadgets seriously. 

The song speaks of beautiful relationship between the contemporary couple in the form of artistic dance with shades of ballet. The song disproves the fact that modern relationships lack maturity, poise and passion . Quite a strong statement indeed. The mild strings, soothing vocals, engrossing beats make it a wonderful listen and a whiff of fresh air!

Anurag mishra deserves special credit for this experimental video and song that depicts modern relationships are not fleeting after all!

The decor used in the dance performance is effortlessly blending with the music arrangements. The tune has an eerie feel yet refreshing optimism associated with it. The song consistently maintains a frequency which transports the listener to an inexplicable vibe. It is one of those rare cases where percussion takes a back seat for a song that is based on ballet style dance. Indeed, simplicity is the trend and norm these days!

The song cannot be entirely classified as a romantic ballad because of the dynamics involved. The lead actors did a commendable job in bringing the modern couple to life through their depiction. The grace of their dance is perfectly in sync with the string section and mild percussions. Such unique blend where the music is in breathtaking sync with the video is rare to find.

The color grading with mild pastel colors adds a an icing to the cake. With dusty demeanor, soothing vocals, magical strings and swift percussions – almost everything is perfect in this regard.

It would be surprising to see how every art department works so flawlessly to create a magical video.

Verdict : A perfect music video for the monsoon season.

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