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Sabakuch is Discovering Talent in a Brand New Way

The past few years, have seen the rise of several reality shows that are meant to uncover raw talent in the field of music. However, only a handful of them are actually able to do what they are meant to do and even a fewer of them are able to bring forth truly talented musicians. What is lacking in most of these reality shows is that they are meant only for singers, which leaves bands and instrumentalists, high and dry. They have no place to showcase their talent, which is why they are left to their own resources to try and make a mark in the music world. But things are about to change with “Symphony 2017” – a platform that is meant just as much for bands and instrumentalists as it is for singers. What is truly wonderful about this competition is the fact that this is a stage that goes beyond a range of barriers that regular television shows tend to put up. For starters, there is no age limit – no matter what your age, if you have a musical talent, this is the stage for you.

Similarly, most shows will ask you to sing or perform in the language that the channel belongs to – but at Symphony 2017, you can choose from 14 Indian languages. Gone are the days when you had to stand in long queues to try and get to the inside of an audition hall – with Symphony 2017, your very own home is your audition centre, because all you need to do is record a song and upload it onto the website. The lucky few, who make it to the top 8, will get to perform in front of an audience of close over 8000, musical stars Kanika Kapoor and Anand Raj Anand and then get to walk away with huge cash prizes and video recording deals. The team at Sabakuch Music has ensured that the entire process is incredibly simple – register by paying a small amount, get your own page, upload an original or cover song, and earn likes and votes. More the votes, more the chances of moving onto the next round and in the grand finale, musicians will get the chance to perform their very own compositions.

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