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Saarang 2012 :: Decibels


DECIBELS, in its 2012 edition, was heavily dominated by metal. With nearly 17 bands working their chops onstage, it was well-represented and a rather tight contest between all the competing semi professional bands. 

Let me start with a kudos to all those in the audience that braved the boiling conditions just to catch the line up for Decibels. It was a HOT, sunny day and the general sound of the next couple of hours was invigorating to say the least.

Pune’s Dark Helm & VIT’s Deviance were amongst the first that took the stage and primarily due to sound and a possible case of nerves, turned out to be letdowns (the latter however redeemed themselves in style on home ground – Riviera 2012). Ontologus was one of the less heavy acts of the day followed by Halahkuh, thrash metal from Pune. White Lady kicked in an 80s punch & things got more progressive with Whet Stone. Beastial Murder, Verses, Rainburn, 30Ton Capacity were among the other participants who put up a good show. 

The winners this time round were all Chennai based bands. 83MPH took 3rd place, The Family Cheese came in 2nd & it was prog death metal act Crypted scooping the 1st prize! 

Stay tuned to as we bring you excerpts from some band interaction!

Meanwhile, catch the rest of the pictures here!

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